2010 Dodge Ram Preview

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2010 ram.jpg2009 brought us the 4th generation of the Dodge Ram, and the 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 builds from on the popularity of the 2009 models.  The 2010 Dodge Ram will feature all of the new items found on the 2009 models, with the key feature being the 5.7L Hemi engine.  The 2009 Ram got a big jump in power, up to 390 horsepower, and we can expect the 2010 Dodge Ram to have similar power levels.  However, in speaking with a few testing engineers from Chrysler, there have been comments made about how the current 5.7L Hemi powered “mule” test vehicles are all carrying 400 horsepower engines.  With Chevrolet and Toyota offering 400+ horsepower models, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the Hemi Ram boasting more power in the near future but with the 2010 models nearing arrival there has been official word yet on a power increase.  The good news is that the Hemi will continue to feature Chrysler’s Multiple Displacement System (MDS), allowing the mighty Hemi to offer better fuel economy than any of the comparable trucks in its class.

Two weeks ago, SEMA released some spyshots of a Dodge Ram R/T on the
open road sporting what looked to be 22″ wheels and a tonneau cover. 
This has caused some speculation about larger wheel options and a
factory tonneau, but the images showed a similar tonneau to what is
available from Mopar right now so its more than likely just an
aftermarket item on a test vehicle.
The 2010 Dodge Ram will likely feature the same non-Hemi engines as the
2009 models, with a 210 horsepower V6 and a 4.7L Flexfuel V8 being
offered in addition to the 5.7L V8.  One of the key complaints about
the 2009 Dodge Ram was the lack of a manual transmission, but there are
still no indications that a manually shifted Ram is in the works for
2010.  The 2010 Dodge Ram will also continue to feature the unique coil
spring setup.  The only truck in the class to offer coil springs, the
Dodge Ram is one of the smoothest half ton trucks on the road and still
has excellent hauling and off-road abilities.
Dodge has been through some rough times over the past year but the 2010
Dodge Ram will continue to be one of the brands top sellers.  The range
of engine options offers something for every truck buyer, and the 5.7L
Hemi makes the Ram one of the quickest and most powerful trucks on the
Do you think that the horsepower of the Dodge Ram is the key contributor to
its success?
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