2013 Mopar Nationals: The Sport Compacts

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While the mighty Dodge Neon SRT4 would have warranted its own gallery a few years ago, the numbers of the high performance Neons in attendance at the Mopar Nationals have dwindled a bit over the past few years.  There will still some great looking SRT4 Neons in attendance but joining them in our “sport compact” gallery are models like the Dodge Stealth R/T, the Dodge Shadow Shelby CSX and the Dodge Conquest TSI.

By the way, while the Neons, the Stealths and the Conquest TSI were all great looking cars – the Shelby Shadow was the nicest and coolest looking Shadow that I’ve ever seen…which is why there are several pictures of it below.  I have seen a great many clean Shadows and even a few really nice CSX models but this black and gold Shadow takes the cake.  Hopefully the introduction of the Dodge Dart GT and the eventual SRT model will help increase the number of high performance Mopar sport compacts in attendance but for the 2013 Mopar Nationals, the sport compact group was small but still very impressive.

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