2013 Mopar Nationals: The Challengers

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The Dodge Challenger might technically be one of the shortest running nameplates in the history of Mopar muscle cars but the success of the original Challenger back in 1970 through 1974 combined with the popularity of the modern Challenger has made this brawny Mopar muscle car one of the most popular cars in attendance.  Whether you are in the judged show area, the race pits or the unjudged “fun field”, it is impossible to walk down an isle without seeing at least one Challenger – be it old or new.

The gallery below shows a collection of just a few of those Dodge Challenger coupes and convertibles in attendance at this year’s Mopar Nationals including a group from the first generation back in the early 70s and another group comprised of those Challengers built and sold since the model was reintroduced in 2008.  Sadly, you wont find any of the Mitsubishi-based Challenger compacts from the late 1970s but this collection still provides an excellent pictorial history lesson on the Challenger name – along with providing one more reason why Mopar lovers love the Mopar Nationals.


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