2014 SRT Viper production to begin in July

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Even though the 2013 SRT Viper has just started hitting dealerships in full force around the country, production of the 2014 model year Viper is expected to start in July according to insider information gathered by Allpar.

Summer is a normal time for production of a vehicle to change model years so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the 2014 Vipers will begin rolling off of the Connor Ave assembly line in July. What does come as a pretty big surprise is that the 2014 model year could see as many as 3,000 units produced in an effort to meet the high level of demand for the newest Mopar supercar. The new SRT Viper is only expected to see around 2,000 units per year sold but with the slow rollout process of the 2013 Viper, Chrysler could look to improve sales of their 640 horsepower wonder with a big production year for 2014. After that, we could see production figures drop back down as demand reaches a more normal level.

There has been little word on what changes to expect in the 2014 SRT Viper and many believe that the car will remain largely unchanged shy of the addition of the new, limited edition Viper Time Attack (TA) models. Beyond that new race-ready trimline, changes to the 2014 Viper could be mostly non-functional appearance items such as some new color options and maybe a new wheel choice or two. With production expected to begin on the 2014 model year Vipers in just a couple of months – it shouldn’t be long before any changes to the new model year supercar are announced.

There has been speculation that the American Club Racer package for the new SRT Viper is still on the way but we aren’t likely to see that higher performance model until sometime in the 2014 calendar year as the company will first roll out the Viper TA later this year for those who want more than the Viper GTS can offer in terms of track performance.

Source: Allpar

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