Ram 1500 diesel production set for September

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One of the biggest drivetrain announcements for the Ram 1500 since the introduction of the modern 5.7L Hemi is the upcoming arrival of a new V6 diesel engine – making Ram the first half ton truck in the US with a torquey diesel option. The new 3.0L V6 diesel will be offered in the 2014 Ram 1500 and while many knew that the 2014 model year designation meant that prospective buyers would be waiting a bit, few people expected that they would have to wait until September.

That’s right – according to the folks at Allpar, the new Ram 1500 EcoDiesel package will not enter production until September with deliveries beginning in the months following so it could be October or November before these oil burning half-ton pickups hit dealerships around the country. Unfortunately, there have also been rumors that the new Chrysler Group’s intensified quality control process could delay deliveries until the beginning of the 2014 calendar year.

Being the first half-ton truck to offer a diesel, the Ram 1500 will almost assuredly be the most fuel efficient truck on the market but will grab that title without compromising real “truck abilities” like towing and hauling. It is unclear how closely the EcoDiesel will compete with the Hemi V8 in terms of towing and hauling capacity but this compact diesel mill should be able to hold its own with any standard half-ton engine on the market today. With power figures of the VM Motori 3.0L V6 diesel engine expected to be around 240 horsepower and 420lb-ft of torque, the Ram EcoDiesel will be able to offer unprecedented fuel economy AND plenty of power… whenever it finally gets here.

Source: Allpar

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