A spring gift list for the Dodge lover in your life

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2010 dodge viper acrx.jpgIf you have a Dodge lover in your world who you want to
spoil this spring, the many sellers at RacingJunk.com have a huge spread of
different items that can help that Dodge owner go fast and look great doing it –
whether they drive a Ram, a Viper or a vintage Mopar performance vehicle.  There are thousands of go-fast goodies on
RacingJunk.com but we dug through the many pages of the site to find a small
collection of cool items that would interest a wide variety of Dodge owners.

If you know a Dodge or Mopar lover who may not be into modifying
their vehicle but they want to show off their passion for the Chrysler Group
brands, vintage advertising flyers make great décor for a man cave, a game room
or a finished garage.  Regardless of what
vintage Mopar muscle car is preferred, this posting on RacingJunk.com offers a
wide variety of the models that made the Mopar name famous – for just $25 bucks

Do you know a Ram truck owner who actually uses their truck
as a truck and beats up the top of the bedsides loading and unloading items
into the bed?  A set of diamond plate bed
caps add a rugged look and make the upper edges of the bedside more durable for
those who do serious hauling with their Ram. 
Best of all, since these bed caps have been gently used you can buy them for your
favorite Ram owners pickup for just $100 bucks.

If you want to go one step further in helping that Ram (or
Dodge Ram) owner take extra special care of his or her truck bed, a factory
bedliner is a great way to protect from damage while also making it easier to
clean out.  As a long-time truck owner –
a bedliner is a must and on RacingJunk.com you can get a Ram bedliner
(2002-2013) for just $150
.  This includes
the large part that fills the bed and the tailgate piece, fitting neatly under
most tonneau covers.

What if that Dodge truck/Ram truck owner in your life wants
a little more power out of their 5.7L Hemi powered pickup?  RacingJunk has you covered with this set of
Flowtech long tube headers
for just $145. 
These particular headers are designed to fit 3rd gen quad ram
Ram 1500 pickups fitted with the 5.7L Hemi and these will add exhaust flow
which in turns improves the sound and power output of the hearty American V8.

Do you know a vintage Mopar muscle car owner who wants to
pull more power from their 340 or 360 cubic inch V8 engine?  If so, this dual plane performance intake
can add power both at low and high RPMs for a great price.  For those unfamiliar, this intake looks a
great deal like the Edelbrock AirGap intake but with a price of just $169 – it is
less expensive than the brand name version that has proven itself at tracks
around the world.

If you know a Dodge Viper owner who wants to get into racing
and somehow hasn’t purchased lightweight race rims of their own, RacingJunk has
this pair of obviously used Forgeline 11×17 rims wrapped in racing slicks of an
unspecified brand.  These rims are a
little beat up from track time but with what sounds like a very negotiable
price of $450 – this could be a great low budget gift for a Viper owner looking
to make his or her supercar more capable at the track.

This one might seem a little odd but for the ultimate Mopar
lover who wants to get into the world of circle track racing, we present you
with this Dodge Avenger stock car.  This vehicle
doesn’t come with an engine or transmission but with the Winters rear
differential and a race ready chassis – this Avenger race car just needs a
drivetrain to be ready for track time. 
With a price of just $2,850 for the rolling chassis, this Avenger race
car will make any circle track racing and Mopar lover a very happy camper this

Finally, if you are an insanely wealthy individual looking
to buy a Dodge loving friend or family member a springtime gift that they will
never forget – RacingJunk.com has this 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X.  This is one of the fastest Dodge products
ever produced with record times at a variety of tracks around the world
including the famed Nürburgring.  Thanks
to the seller jeffburck159, you can buy this Viper ACR-X and send someone racing
in the SRT Viper Cup right away…all for just $115,000.

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