AJ Allmendinger suspended indefinitely for second failed drug test

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aj allmendinger.jpgAJ Allmendinger’s NASCAR career is in serious jeopardy after
failing a second drug test as part of the racing body’s random drug testing
policy.  This started for Allmendinger
when he failed a drug test a few weeks ago but under the guidelines of NASCAR’s
two-stage drug testing procedures, a driver who fails with his “A sample” can
request that the “B sample” be tested. 
Unfortunately, Allmendinger’s B sample came back positive for a banned
substance – meaning that the young driver from Penske Racing is immediately
suspended from the series indefinitely. 

NASCAR officials have not stated exactly what banned
substance was found in AJ Allmendinger’s positive drug tests but
representatives from the Allmendinger camp have stated that there was a very
minor amount of the banned substance in his system.  These sources have also stated that the
driver has hired an independent laboratory to test all of the supplements and
such that he uses to see if one of these products is at fault for the positive
test.  Needless to say, Allmendinger is
insisting that he does not use any sort of illegal drugs or banned substances
and he Tweeted that “will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this and
get back out there no matter what”.

Even if Allmendinger is unable to prove that it was a
supplement or something along those lines that caused the positive drug test,
he does have a chance to return to racing via NASCAR’s “Road to Recovery”
program.  NASCAR will soon issue an
explanation to the driver detailing exactly what his road to recovery entails –
at which point we would expect to also find out what banned substances he is
accused of using.  Unfortunately, the few
NASCAR drivers in the past who failed a random drug test saw their careers come
to an abrupt end.

It appears as though NASCAR Nationwide Series regular Sam
Hornish Jr will continue to drive the #22 Shell Pennzoil Dodge Charger for
Penske Racing with Allmendinger unable to return.

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