Ram Trucks Now Come in Party-hearty Limo Flavor

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Nothing says you’re a big boss like a stretched Dodge truck for you and 15 of your friends.

Alberta is experiencing a bit of a gold rush, thanks to its extensive shale oil and gas reserves. That usually means tons of jobs, tons of money, and lots of potential ways to show off what doing that hard, dangerous work can manifest.

Thus, it’s only fitting that one way to make the most of one’s hard-earned wealth is by hiring a limo. Since this is Alberta, though, that limo can be a stretched Ram truck. Calgary, Alberta’s Daily Hive Calgary has the story of a limo company offering just that.

Ram Limo

AM PM Limousines, based in Calgary with locations throughout southern Alberta, announced in December 2018 that they would begin offering stretched Ram pickup limos in black, white, and pink, with room for up to 16 passengers and, depending on what color is chosen, a pair of Canadian flags mounted in the bed.

Ram Limo

And what will those passengers experience on the inside of the stretched Ram? Tinted windows, built-in lighting, wood floors, plush leather seats, and a wet bar with plenty of cup holders for champagne flutes and red Solo cups alike.

Ram Limo

While we don’t expect the Ram limos to haul any serious cargo in the back of their beds, it’s still pretty dang cool of any limo company to choose a Ram truck as the base for a limo, especially one in the heart of Canada’s growing oil boom.

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