Dodge Challenger TV Spot Reminds Us All to Dream Big

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Making a statement to the world is never an issue when you own one of the baddest Mopars the world has ever seen.

The Dodge brand is all about performance and emotion, and their commercials portray those key aspects like no other modern marketing campaign. In addition to their adrenaline-filled television commercials, the brand that brought us the Hellcat cars creates and publishes many commercial-length videos that never run on television, but they draw worlds of attention via social media.

The newest in the long list of excellent Dodge commercials was published to the brand’s official YouTube channel earlier this week and it is titled “Statement.”

Dodge Statement Ad Card in Spokes


In this new Dodge commercial, a young boy is shown in Latin America back in 1988 with his bright yellow bicycle. He carefully pins a playing card in the spokes of the rear tire, allowing his flashy bicycle to make a whole lot of noise.

Dodge Challenger Tachometer

As the young boy rolls out on his modified bicycle with the playing card clicking away in the spokes, the footage flashes to someone pushing the start button in a new Dodge Challenger, followed by a look at the tachometer revving to life.

Dodge Challenger Driver's Side on Track

The boy speeds through the narrow streets of his Latin American village on his loud bicycle and that is mimicked by a bright yellow Challenger Scat Pack Shaker tearing down the track. After getting plenty of adults riled up, he slides to a stop in front of a pair of boys who clearly approve of his badass bicycle.

Dodge Statement Ad Bike Slide

The footage than flashes ahead to what appears to be that same boy, all grown up some 31 years later. This time, he isn’t riding a loud, flashy bicycle, but instead, he is driving the bright yellow Scat Pack Shaker Challenger on a race track and he is enjoying every second of it.

A Familiar Transition

During the commercial, the narrator speaks in Spanish in the background and while we don’t recall enough of our high school Spanish to know what is being said, several people who speak the language have told us that it is a message along the lines of “Dreaming big is in our blood.”

Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker

For many people, this commercial will hit close to home because most car guys grew up tearing around town on a bicycle, eventually moving onto a high performance car just like the young boy in the video.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy.

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