Allmendinger requests a second test while facing indefinite suspension

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NASCAR reported last night that Team Penske driver AJ
Allmendinger has requested that his “B sample” is tested in an effort to end
the suspension handed down on Saturday when it was announced that his random
drug test had come back positive. 

NASCAR random drug tests are performed in a two-sample
method where the driver’s urine is split into two portions prior to
testing.  This way, when a test comes
back positive, the driver can insist that there must have been a false positive
during the first test (the A sample) and ask that the second half of the sample
(the B sample) be tested.  NASCAR allows
for a 72 hour period after a positive drug test announcement to request testing
of the B sample.  There is a chance that
the A sample could have been mishandled or the test had not been performed
correctly, which could lead to a false positive test.

Should AJ Allmendinger’s B sample come back positive, the
young driver will likely face an indefinite suspension which could very easily
turn into a lifetime ban.  The three
other drivers who have failed NASCAR random drug tests, including former Dodge
driver Jeremy Mayfield, remained banned from the sport so news of a positive
drug test could bring AJ Allmendinger’s NASCAR career to a very quick end.  Should Allmendinger be suspended, the NASCAR
management is likely to announce what drug or drugs were found in his system
during the random drug test.

Regardless of the outcome of AJ Allmendinger’s B sample
test, Sam Hornish Jr will pilot the NASCAR Sprint Cup this coming weekend at New
Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Hornish drove
the #22 Shell/Pennzoil Dodge Charger in Daytona last week with very short
notice after Allmendinger’s suspension was handed down – finishing 33rd
after blowing a tire and damaging the car. 
Hornish is also a regular Team Penske driver, being one of the top dogs
in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in his #12 Dodge Challenger.

Hopefully the lab did mishandle AJ Allmendinger’s A sample
and a negative B sample would put an end to all of this.  AJ was reportedly “shocked” at the positive
drug test so I am inclined to give the guy the benefit of the doubt but in the
modern age of sports – athlete falling into drug use has become all too common.

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