April Car and Truck of the Month, Lakota169’s 1937 and ramhunter1’s 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi 4×4!!

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Congratulations to both Lakota169 and ramhunter1 for
winning the truck and car of the month for April 2009!!

ramhunter1’s 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi 4×4 won over two Dakotas; one owned by snipingdudge and one owned by varsis.

37 plymouth.jpg
Lakota’s 1937 Plymouth Business Coupe won over Sabin420’s Neon.

ramhunter1’s Information:
totm0409 (2).jpgThis is my 04 ram 1500 4×4 hemi
my wife calls her “my other wife”. but when i got her she was a stock
hemi and i new she wouldn’t be for long . the first mod was tires. then
came the flares to tame the mud getting thrown from them and a set of
2′ spacers to complement the stance. next came the level lift to give
it more of a meaner look. after that i moved on to some engine mods to
get them big ol tires movin . CAI hooked straight to the TB, 180
t-stat, and superchips 3815. no i run my tune on the tow tune because i
like the bottom end power
rather than the hi end you get out of the performance. while i was in
their i put in a optima battery so it would help hold the next mods. so
then i move into the cab i built a custom box for 2 ten inch kenwoods
and threw a kicker amp on them and a new head unit along with a CB ,
husky floor mats and cabelas seat covers. now after all that there are
a few other things to add but the one im waiting on from UPS is my air
bags . now that will be nice.
future mods are in the works 3″pa body lift and black rims
she doesent get that many miles put on her about 800 a year she now has 29k on her. its a glorafide huntin truck.

Lakota169’s information:
cotm0409.jpgI bought the Plymouth sight unseen in 2002 off the web from a man in
Wisconsin. When I got it, it had H70X15 tires and wheels. The tires
were to wide and would rub the brake lines and drag link. I replaced
them with original size 6.00X16 wide white walls and dog dish hubcaps.
The car
had 71,300 miles on it (now has almost 76K). Besides the wheels and
tires, I replaced the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, both hard brake
lines (needs shoes now), and the water pump. I’ve repaired the vacuum
wiper motors and lines. Still need to replace the rubber window seals
and channels. Want to make new door panels, replace the headliner, and
reupholster the seat. Last July, I blew the head gasket, so I replaced
the tired ’50 engine with a rebuilt ’52 flathead 6 (218 cu in @97 hp).
I plan to rebuild the old engine this year (.60 over, 230 crank and
rods, shaved head .60, and dual 2 barrels). it still has the original 3
speed (non-syncro) floor shift and 3.90 rear.it has a single bench seat
(no rear seat), huge trunk (spare ride in cab behind passenger). Front
windshield cranks open (factory air). Even has original 1937 license
plates. I put over 1200 miles on last summer just going to local cruise
nites and shows. It’s a driver, not a trailer queen. The cars nickname is The Rose.

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