March Car and Truck of the Month, 65standard’s 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T and Mopar78’s 2005 Dodge Ram Daytona #04739!

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Congratulations to both 65standard and Mopar78 for
winning the truck and car of the month for March 2009!!

totm1.jpgMopar78’s 2005 Dodge Ram Daytona won over two other Rams, one owned by Off Road Teacher and the other owned by SeMiGoD.

cotm1.jpg65standard’s custom Magnum R/T won over dtjackten’s Neon and Carolina Magnum’s SRT-8 Magnum.

Mopar78’s Information
totm2.jpgHere’s my 05 Daytona #04739 that has been recently freshened up with
some body mods and paint to include racing stripes. I have a few more
exterior mods to do, a drop and some light mods, then I am going after
the drive train. If all goes well I am planning on putting in a stroker
426 Hemi, performance transmission, Dana rear, and a big brake upgrade
when she’s paid off. I bought her back in 05 new and have been working
on the exterior over the past few years. She’s a project in the works
and I plan on keeping her for a while. She is a high mileage daily
driver and has performed quite well. I have been driving Mopars since
’78 and she’s one of my favorites.

65standard’s Information:
cotm2.jpgI would like to thank everyone that voted for me. I appreciate the jester and now, a little about myself.

I am 44 years old and live in the Chicago land suburb of Coal City. I
am a fabricator. This is the reason I have a few one off customs on my
Magnum. I first noticed the new Magnums in late 2004. I did my research
on them and decided to order a new 2005 Magnum R/T. So, on January 29th
2005, I try to place my order, but it was too late to order a ’05 model
already. I was then told I could order a 2006 magnum in a few weeks, so
I waited. Then on February 15th, 2005, I placed my order for the first
2006 Magnum R/T. Since custom orders are considered sold, they have
build priority and my magnum was the very first 2006 built on March 23,
2005 and delivered on April 8th 2005.

My very first modification was removing all the emblems and side
moldings. I did this in the first ten minutes after I got home from the
dealer. I have since blacked out the windows, lowered it 2.5 inches,
added a custom chin spoiler, made a custom formed mesh grill, added a
Hurst shifter and Katzkin interior, tried four different camshafts
until I found the one I have now, swapped the heads for some custom
heads, full exhaust, custom computer work, fabricated a true fresh
ram-air intake system, added some AAR ‘Cuda stripes, 20″ Boyd
Coddington wheels, custom ram-air hood, fabricated my own rear spoiler,
and finally welded up the rear gate handle, wiper hole, door handles
and side glass.

Right now, it has the power, sound, and look I want. Remember, there
were no SRT magnums when I ordered mine. I also have another magnum and
a new challenger.  Thanks again to all that voted for me.

65standard (tony)

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