The Best of Hellcat Girl (Video)

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Hellcat Girl

There’s no better way to cheer up a long and boring work day than with a quick glimpse of Hellcat Girl’s best videos.

Very few cars in the world are as savage and spectacular as the Dodge SRT Hellcat. Whether you’re talking about the convenient and versatile Charger, or the badass Challenger, the 707-horsepower found under either one of their hoods is nothing short of brutal.

That being said, how can a Hellcat owner up the ante on their American muscle? Add a gorgeous and rather voluptuous woman, of course, and that’s exactly what the Hellcat Girl YouTube channel has done! This channel features a plethora of hot models going for wild rides in a black Challenger Hellcat, which are designed to…well, you already know what the point is.

We’ve taken time out of our busy day to gather the top five Hellcat Girl videos for your viewing pleasure. Poor us, right? Enjoy!

Up-Close to the Action

This is one of the first few videos uploaded before a windshield-mounted camera was employed. We’re certainly not complaining about getting a close-up on the main subject!

First Ride

A model’s reaction to her very first Hellacious ride. Needless to say, she had a grand ‘ol time.

The Scream Queen

Dubbed the “Scream Queen,” this is certainly one of our favorite models to be featured on the popular channel. We probably don’t need to say why.

A Hard Ride

A fast and adrenaline-packed ride through twisty roads will surely produce some loud screams and giggles. That’s exactly what happens in this episode with a returning guest.

Cleaning up the Kitty

After all the hard-paced rides, it’s time to wash the Hellcat. We’re not after a normal car wash, but one that’s a little more exciting.


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