Black Friday: 2nd Gen Dodge Ram CTD Smokes Out the Dyno Shop

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2g ram soots the shop 600

While I always enjoy a good smokey Cummins Turbo Diesel video, there is just something so wonderfully fun about watching a Dodge Ram roll coal…like the 2nd gen Ram in this week’s Black Friday video. This video doesn’t have quite as much smoke as some Black Friday features, but this Ram’s smoke show has been filmed from a variety of cameras so that we can see the soot head for the ceiling from all different angles. There are also some stills at the end showing the smokey aftermath in the shop.

This 2g Ram could probably create a whole lot more soot, but as you can see in the video, the driver lets off as soon as the smoke begins to thin. No point wasting fuel, right? Even though there are only a few seconds of good, hard coal rollin’, the multiple camera angles make this Ram well worthy of being featured here on the DF Front Page. Crank up your speakers, and enjoy!

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