Black Friday: Cummins Dually Ram Blows Away Classic Chevy on the Quarter Mile

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10 second 3g ram vs chevelle 600

This week’s Black Friday feature takes a look at a 3rd generation Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Dually powered by an obviously modified Cummins Turbo Diesel engine in action on the quarter mile against what looks to me to be a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle.  There isnt any information on this video (in fact, the description says that the video shows a Dodge Neon SRT4 against a Pontiac GTO) but it very clear that this Ram has some serious work done as soon as it pulls to the line.  The amount of soot pouring from the dual stacks makes it clear that this Ram is probably going to be pretty quick but when the green light drops – it’s hard not to be wowed by the dually diesel Ram.

Not only does this Cummins Ram rip away from the line in stunning fashion but it sounds like this beast might chirp all six tires when this big Ram launches.  In any case, the CTD Ram takes a huge starting line advantage and that pays off on the big end as the Dodge truck crosses the finish line first.  In the end, the Chevelle ends up turning a better quarter mile time but the starting line advantage allowed the smokin’ fast Ram to get the win light on the big end.

This Ram sounds every bit as awesome as it looks so be sure to have your speakers cranked up when you watch this Cummins powered dually Dodge beat up the classic Chevelle.

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