Black Friday: Ram Rolls Coal While Pulling a Stump

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stump pulling rolling coal 600

This week’s Black Friday video features a later 3rd gen Dodge Ram 3500 dually with the Cummins Turbo Diesel engine rolling some coal while pulling a stump out of the ground. Most of our Black Friday segments don’t include much function or purpose other than creating black smoke. Sure, we occasionally see a truck racing, making a dyno run or pulling a sled – but rarely do we see a Ram performing real work while spewing plumes of black smoke.

This week is different, as this 3rd gen Cummins Ram 3500 Dually takes several attempts to rip the stump out of the ground. It takes him three yanks to get the stump out of the ground and while he doesn’t make much headway on the first pull where we can see the stump – with the rev of the engine, he is able to finish the job. After this dually Ram gets the stump out, we see one more angle, showing the force with which the big Dodge ripped the dead tree out of the ground.

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