Black Friday: Super Smoky Cummins Ram on the Dyno

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bf ram diesel dyno outside 600

This week’s Black Friday feature looks at yet another Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Dodge Ram in action on a drive-on dynamometer and while this dyno run doesn’t occur indoors like others that we have seen – this Ram produces enough smoke to fill the entire camera shot with thick black soot. Even though the video is only 18 seconds long, it doesn’t take this Ram Heavy Duty much time to get clouds of thick black smoke pouring from the back of the truck.

We don’t get to see any dyno numbers for this 3rd generation Dodge Ram diesel but the comments indicate that it made somewhere in the area of 650 horsepower.  Regardless of how much power it made during this dyno run, this big Ram made some serious smoke and that makes it a fitting feature clip for the Black Friday segment.

Crank up your speakers so that you can hear this high performance Cummins Ram roar and enjoy!


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