Muddy Mondays: 4th Gen Ram RCSB Hits the Deep Water

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mm ram rcsb water 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature doesn’t have all that much visible mud but it has a 4th generation Ram 1500 regular cab/short bed (RCSB) tearing through deep enough water that it is worthy of being included in the muddy fun.  The water is just deep enough to reach the fog lights of this white Ram as it pushes through and while this Hemi powered pickup looks like it was breeze through the deep water without any effort at first – the latter stages of the video show that the Ram had to do a little digging to get up and out.

There is no mod list for this 4th gen Ram but those appears to be non-stock wheels and the ride height looks a touch high for stock so this much water might put a stock Ram 1500 up to its grille but the white RCSB in action below is able to ford the water with the greatest of ease.  Enjoy!


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