Black Fridays: 1,073 hp Cummins-Powered Ram 1500

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green diesel ram 1500 600

Even though this video doesn’t have as much thick black diesel smoke as we’re used to in most of our Black Fridays feature videos, this Cummins swapped 3rd gen Ram 1500 short bed, short cab is awesome for two reasons. First, the high performance Ram fills the dyno shop with smoke and second – it makes a whopping 1,073 horsepower while doing so. Of course, this 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel is heavily modified but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

There have been a great many devout Cummins owners who have begged for a diesel powered Ram 1500 and a truck like the one in the video below is a fine example of why.  Over a thousand horsepower in any truck is mighty impressive but all that power in the smallest and lightest half-ton pickup makes this one nasty fast drag truck. The video description states that along with making 1,073 horsepower and more torque than the dyno can measure, it also runs the 8th mile in the low six second range. A low six second 8th mile time equates to a quarter mile time in the 9 second range for those who weren’t sure and based on what we can see here – this Ram surely looks great roaring down the drag strip under a stream of black smoke.

Not only does the green Cummins-powered Ram 1500 make incredible amounts of power, but it sounds awesome doing it. So make sure your speakers are cranked up when you watch this week’s Black Fridays feature.

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