Black Fridays: Cummins Ram beats up Nissan GTR in the quarter mile

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ctd gtr 600

The Nissan GT-R is an incredible piece of high performance machinery but in the hands of a crappy driver – this $100,000 Japanese supercar gets a sound beating from a smokin’ fast 3rd gen Cummins Ram.  There is little doubt that the guy or girl driving the GT-R in this video in inexperienced driving their car, drag racing or both but that doesn’t make it any less pleasing to watch this modded up Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram outrun the six figure supercar in the quarter mile.

The import performance crowd is quick to point out that a stock Nissan GT-R should very easily run in the 11 second range but this poorly driven example was only able to run a 13 flat.  On the other hand, the silver and black CTD 3rd gen Ram busts out an impressive 12.20 at 112 miles per hour.

Sure, a reasonably well driven Nissan GT-R should be able to make short work of a low 12 second pickup truck but on this day – the import got smoked.

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