Black Fridays: Cummins Ram Blows Smoke, Digs Dirt

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smokey ram diggign dirt 600

I cant tell what exactly is going on in this video of a 3rd gen Dodge Ram powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel but judging by the positioning of the John Deere tractor behind the truck – it seems as though the truck is hooked up to said tractor.  After the driver loads up the engine and begins to spew smoke from the rear end of the truck, all four tires dig hard into the dirt and that furthers the suspicion that the Ram is anchored but that doesn’t make this clip any less amusing in terms of “Black Friday” quality.

Based on the multi-lingual introduction to this Ram video, I would guess that this video was captured in Germany or some other German speaking country so not only is it fun to watch a Ram dig itself down into the dirt while the Cummins Turbo Diesel billows soot – it is fun to see the mighty Ram strutting its stuff in a far-away land.

So enjoy this week’s Black Friday feature showing a 3rd gen Dodge Ram 2500 using the Cummins diesel engine to blacken the sky and dig in some German dirt.


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