Black Fridays: Cummins Ram Torque Monster Destroys Tires

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3g ram ctd 600

As our weekly Black Friday segment goes, this week’s video doesn’t offer quite as much thick, black diesel soot as many of the Cummins powered Rams that we typically feature but the burnout performed by this 3rd gen Ram Heavy Duty is just too awesome to pass up.  I originally found this nasty Cummins Ram burnout video while hunting for a Tire Shredding Tuesday clip but with the copious amounts of soot at the beginning of the video followed by an absolutely awesome burnout – this is a piece that we had to feature on Black Friday.

As an interesting note, the 3rd generation Cummins Ram doing to massive smokey burnout in the video below is fitted with a manual transmission and the driver starts in 4th gear (talk about monster torque!) to ensure the best possible attempt at a long, rolling burnout.  I would say that the owner succeeded as this is surely one of the biggest, smokiest burnouts Ive seen online so crank up your speakers and enjoy this video of a Cummins Turbo Diesel Ram obliterating the rear tires.

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