Photo of the Week: donaldhd2’s Ram Harley Davidson Edition

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ram harley davidson 600

If you are thinking to yourself “wait a second…the Harley Davidson Edition is a Ford package” – you would be right but what is a Ram owner who loves Harley Davidson motorcycles to do to satisfy their desire to fly the Harley name when he is driving his truck?  Make his own Harley Davidson Edition Ram 1500.

From what I can tell from these pictures, donaldhd2’s 3rd gen Ram 1500 is wearing the chrome Harley Davidson font badges running down the bedside that was originally intended for the production Ford Harley package while a smaller chrome Harley Davidson crest has been added to the front fenders next to the factory Ram badging.  A chrome mesh grille treatment, blacked out headlight covers, black trimmed taillights, 20 inch custom chrome rims, a rear rollpan, a Rumble Bee style hood scoop and a 3 piece silver stripe running from nose to tail help to give this Ram 1500 a sinister look that is fitting of a Harley name with all of the black and silver from head to toe.

While some hardcore Dodge fans might frown upon the use of the Ford Harley Davidson on a Ram 1500, there is no question that this is one great looking truck so it makes for a fitting feature piece for Photo of the Week.

Click here to check out more pictures of donaldhd2’s Ram 1500.

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