Black Fridays: Dueling Diesel Ram Trucks Roar Down the Quarter Mile

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white ram blue ram bf 600

If you like watching heavily tuned and modified Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram Heavy Duty pickups, this week’s Black Friday clip is sure to please.  It features a dark blue 2nd gen diesel dually Ram 3500 lining up against a 3rd gen SRW Ram 2500 also powered by a Cummins powerplant.  The dually Ram in the far lane appears to be the more heavily modified of the two pickups with a huge stack sticking up through the bed with thick, black soot pouring into the atmosphere as the two trucks prepare to run down the quarter mile.

As the two trucks stage, you can hear the screaming whistle of a huge turbocharger, which we will assume is tucked under the hood of the dark blue truck in the far lane and as soon as the green light drops – it becomes very clear that the dually in the far lane is he more heavily modded of the two.  The Ram in the near lane is quick, running a 13.82 with a trap speed that looks to be 107 miles per hour while the dually Ram in the far lane ripped off an 11.95 at 109.07 miles per hour.

These two Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram pickups sound as awesome as most heavily modified diesel trucks so make sure that your speakers are turned up so that you get the full effect of this Black Friday feature!

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