Question of the Week: Is it a good move to kill the SRT brand?

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As the information in Chrysler’s 2014 5-year plan hit the web last week, the key piece of information was that the SRT brand was being consolidated into the Dodge brand – making the SRT Viper the Dodge Viper once again.  Even though the high performance brand is being killed off, there will still be plenty of high performance as the Chrysler Group now works to assert the Dodge brand as a true high performance lineup.

Since this news of the collapse of the SRT brand dropped, I have seen Mopar fans who like and dislike the decision…bringing us to our Question of the Week: Is it a good move for Chrysler to fold the SRT brand into the Dodge brand?

It is hard for me, as a Mopar fan, to question the return of the Dodge Viper so in that respect, I like the idea of the SRT brand being folded back into the Dodge brand.  On the other hand, the demise of the SRT brand comes with the demise of the Chrysler 300 SRT – along with possibly removing some of the exclusivity of the SRT lineup.

With that in mind, click here to head into the forum to tell us what you think about the company decision to do away with the SRT brand.

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