Black Fridays: How to Wake Up a Chevy Owner – Cummins Style

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Chevy owners can be pretty obnoxious and when the opportunity to prank one of them comes up – there are few tools better to really drive someone crazy than a modified Dodge Ram powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine.  Many diesel owners film their trucks spewing smoke just for the sake of showing off but the owner of the 2nd gen Ram 2500 in the video below has a great reason to fill the air with thick diesel soot – filling the cab of a Chevy truck with the owner sleeping inside.

The concept of pulling up next to a napping Chevy truck owners with a modded Cummins Ram and unleashing gobs of thick black smoke into the cabin is funny and sounds good on paper but would it really work?  After all, the exhaust tip from which the smoke is coming is well below the level of the open window so would it really fill the cabin of the Chevy with smoke?

The answer is “yes” and the results of this Ram diesel smoking out the sleeping Chevy owner is one of the most amusing videos I’ve seen in a long time – making a great fit for the DodgeForum Black Fridays feature.  Enjoy!

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