2013 Mopar Nationals: The Vipers

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The Dodge Viper has always been a popular attraction at the Mopar Nationals but 2013 marked the introduction of the new SRT Viper to the special area reserved for owners of the ultimate American supercars.  Even though there were only a few of the new 2013 Viper coupes in attendance (the red 2013 in the gallery below with black stripes was even being raced), there was an awesome crowd of Viper owners with the collection spanning every year, every model type and just about every color of the Viper sold since being introduced back in 1993.

Ive put together a gallery of just some of the Viper coupes, roadsters and convertibles below, offering those who couldn’t attend a quick look at the incredible collection of Mopar supercars in attendance at the 2013 Mopar Nationals.  With more and more new Vipers being delivered each day along with more used Vipers hitting the market, I would expect that the 2014 running of the event will have an even larger group.  Seeing that many Vipers in one place is awesome but seeing them surrounded by one of the biggest collections of Mopar muscle cars in the world is an experience that every Mopar fan should make sure to enjoy at least once.

In the meantime, enjoy the gallery below and stay tuned as we continue to show some of the coolest cars and trucks of the 2013 Mopar Nationals.

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