Black Fridays: Moonlight Diesel 1st Gen Ram Smokin and Pullin

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midnight diesel dodge ram 600

While the initial stages of this video make it hard to tell what we are watching, the massive plume of black smoke makes it very clear that a Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Dodge Ram is off in the distance.  24 seconds or so into the video you can see a bit of smoke towards the end of the grandstands but shortly after, this diesel burning Dodge Ram begins really throwing the soot as the driver begins his pull.

I usually prefer to show off the Dodge Ram in action in our various video features but the fact that the person filming didn’t zoom in or out gives us a great look at the incredible trail of soot left floating in the air behind this rig as it rips the sled down the track.  Not only does this Ram have smoke billowing from the stack mounted in the hood but it literally creates a storm cloud of diesel soot across the front of the grandstands as it reaches its final destination – 336 feet from where it started.  This Cummins Ram sounds as great as it looks so make sure to have your speakers turned up when enjoy this week’s Black Friday clip!

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