Can Adding Hellcat Power Make a Prius Cool?

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The Prius is the anti-cool car for car people everywhere. In traditional SEMA craziness, someone built a drag Prius with Hellcat-power.

The wonderful world of SEMA is where dreams come true. Every year all of the automotive aftermarket companies build the most amazing cars to show off their products, or get their company attention. We have seen all sorts of insanity over the years from wide body drift Mini Coopers, to a Scion that turned into a DJ booth. And this year has been no exception for cool builds. American Racing Headers decided to try and break the internet by adding Hellcat-power to a Toyota Prius. One word: Amazing!

Toyota Prius with Hellcat-power

The Prius is the anti-performance car. It is purely to get you from A to B in the most fuel efficient way possible (read: slowest). It is a car for people who do not like driving or cars at all. So, Prius does have its purpose and from Uber drivers to long commuters we understand why someone would own one. As the car loving, tire smoking, drifting, and fun-loving people we know you all are, someone finally made us a cool Prius.

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American Racing Headers built this Hellcat-powered Prius to do eight second quarter mile times. The drivetrain has a larger supercharger, making 800+ wheel horsepower. It is running a Tremec six speed manual transmission. The chassis has been modified to fit the massive Hellcat engine under the factory Prius hood. And the car has a full racing roll cage and drag fuel cell in the trunk. They added dual fuel pumps to keep up with the fuel sucking supercharged V8. Additionally, the Prius is running skinnies up front and drag tires in the rear.

So, if you are wondering what the cute hashtag on the front bumper says, #YouHaveGotToBeF**ckingSh**ingMe. In this video, YouTube channel Car Throttle talks to the owner of the Prius with Hellcat-power and finds out what made him build this absolutely awesome middle finger to hybrid owners. Would you daily drive it? Let us know in the comments.

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