NA Dodge Charger Daytona Runs 10-Second Quarter Miles

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This Dodge Charger Daytona runs in the low-10s without forced induction or nitrous oxide.

We feature a great many Dodge Chargers storming down the quarter mile here on DodgeForum, but the vast majority of them are fitted with a supercharger, nitrous oxide or both. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but today, we bring you a 10-second Dodge Charger that covers the quarter mile in the low-10s and it does so without nitrous or forced induction.

Wendy’s Broomstick

This Dodge Charger Daytona is owned and driven by Wendy Robertson, with the video coming from the YouTube channel of witchywndy. Aside from the aftermarket hood and the race-ready wheels, this Mopar sedan doesn’t look like a drag strip monster, but it is. Under the hood is a BFNY Performance-built, 440 cubic inch stroker Hemi (originally a 6.1L motor) topped with Thitek cylinder heads and fitted with an Arrington 645 camshaft. All of that Mopar muscle is channeled through a fully-built Enhanced Transmissions gearbox to the 8.8-inch Paramount rear differential.

Wendy's Charger Daytona


While the drivetrain has been built to lay down incredible quarter mile times, this Charger still retains creature comforts like air conditioning, power steering and the sound system, leading to a race weight of 4,100lbs. The car is fully street-legal and while it isn’t driven daily, Erik Storms of BFNY points out that it could easily be a street car.

Some people might question the ability of a 4,100lb Dodge Charger with a naturally aspirated V8 to storm down the track with the supercharged cars, but as the video above shows – Wendy’s Broomstick lays down incredible quarter mile times. On this run, her Sublime Daytona runs a 10.54 at 130 miles per hour, while her best time to date was a 10.26 at 132 miles per hour. That is crazy-quick for any car, but for a 4,100lb Charger to run these numbers without any “power adders” is an awesome feat.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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