CEO Tim Kuniskis Says Dodge is Safe

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We were recently plagued with a barrage of foolish rumors insisting that the Dodge brand was going to be killed off as the Chrysler Group management looks to consolidate its US offerings but according to Dodge brand CEO Tim Kuniskis, those rumors are unfounded.

While speaking recently with The Detroit Bureau, Tim Kuniskis explained that Dodge is not on the chopping block and that the sporty brand has “a very solid future”.  He did confirm what many of us already knew – that there could be some Dodge brands eliminated or replaced as the company looks to do away with similar vehicles between its brands but those moves were strictly to remove redundancies in multi-brand dealerships – not to kill off the brand altogether.

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to Mopar fans as we all know that Dodge is Chrysler’s bestselling brand and when you consider the number of vehicles that are unique to the Dodge brand – it would be hard for the Chrysler Group to kill off Dodge without bringing about an awkward introduction of new models to other brands within the company.  For instance, the Dart, Journey and Challenger are not available in a similar form to anything from the Chrysler, Fiat, Ram, or Jeep brands and in addition to Dodge being the bestselling overall brand – Dodge also sells some of the company’s bestselling models.

The Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 are similar but the Charger routinely outsells the 300.  The Dodge Avenger and Chrysler 200 are similar but the Avenger routinely outsells the 200.  The Dodge Durango is a three-row large SUV that is based on the same architecture as the Jeep Grand Cherokee but the two are different enough that the Durango may have a place in the lineup even with the massive popularity of the Grand Cherokee.  Finally, there is the Dodge Grand Caravan and while it routinely outsells the Chrysler Town & Country, rumors continue to suggest that the stronger selling Grand Caravan will be killed off to improve sales of the more expensive Town & Country but in the long run – I have a hard time believing that the Chrysler Group would kill off the bestselling minivan on the market which also served to introduce the minivan back in the mid 1980s.

In other words, even though there are a handful of Dodge products which are very similar to models from other brands, the Dodge option is often the better selling of the two so if anything would be killed off – you would think that it would be the less popular models.  Based on this simple bit of information and the fact that Dodge is – and has long been – Chrysler’s bestselling brand – Dodge should be safe for years to come.

Source: The Detroit Bureau

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