Challenger SXT for Canada Only?

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The Dodge Charger SXT and base model Chrysler 300 have
proven to be a popular alternative to the Hemi powered variants of the same
models, with their powerful yet efficient 3.5L V6 making 250 horsepower and 250
ft-lb of torque.  When Dodge released the
information about the upcoming 2009 Dodge Challenger SE, that same 3.5L V6
would prove to be a great fit for the base model muscle car, but leaves us
asking, where is the SXT?


The Charger and Magnum, along with the other SRT models
(Ram, Neon, Caliber) all offer an SXT package, which in most cases is just a
sights and sounds package (sunroof, upgraded stereo, etc), but the Challenger
went from SE (the base of the other models mentioned) and jumped to the R/T and
SRT8…so where is the Challenger SXT?

Chrysler of Canada, having noticed the lack of the trimline
has begun taking surveys at car shows around Canada to gauge interest in an SXT
model that would likely be a Canadian-only trimline.  The package would take a handful of options
from the V8 trimlines, such as the chin spoiler, the rear trunklid spoiler, and
the chrome fuel door, and apply them to a V6 model.  It would also include a wheel upgrade to
either the standard R/T wheels, or some special 5-spoke aluminum wheels with
black trim, and a rectangular exhaust tip. 
Chrysler of Canada is also experimenting with things like stripes, and
interior trim upgrades, but as of right now, the Challenger SXT is still deep
in the design process.

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