Chrysler Introduces the Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition – In South Africa

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dodge-caliber-mopar-edition.jpgby Patrick Rall

Chrysler’s Mopar division has offered up tuned versions of the 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T with the Mopar 10 and Dodge Charger R/T with the Mopar 11, and now they have turned their attention to the compact Dodge Caliber with the new Mopar Edition.  Unfortunately, the hot-ish hatch will only be offered in the South African market, so American Mopar lovers won’t be seeing this State-side anytime soon.

The Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition begins with the compact 5-door, powered
by a 2.0L 4-cylinder mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with a front
wheel drive layout.  To improve the power of the limited edition South
African Caliber, Mopar went under the hood, adding a cold air intake
system, a high flow exhaust manifold and a free flowing performance
exhaust system.  These three components should help to increase the
power as well as adding some sound to this hot hatch, although the folks
at Mopar haven’t stated just how much power is added by these items.

Mopar then went under the car to improve the handling capacities of the
Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition, adding a sport suspension system that drops
the car by two inches and helps the sporty 5-door to get through the
corners quicker.  This setup also gives the Mopar Edition Caliber a more
aggressive stance – furthering the amount of machismo put out by the
special edition Dodge.  Next, Mopar fitted up a set of black 18″
aluminum wheels wrapped in high performance summer tires for optimal
traction to help make the most of the suspension upgrades.

Finally, Mopar added a set of Mopar decals to the front fender and on
the rear lift gate, along with a set of satin stripes running along the
hood.  The Mopar Edition Caliber will be offered only in black with
black interior, combining with the satin stripes and black wheels to
give this special edition hatchback a great, sporty look.

The Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition has a starting price of R259,990 in
South Africa, which would amount to $37,308 in US Dollars with the
current conversion rate.  That is a pretty substantial price tag for a
car that tops out at just $25,615 when you select every single option
available on the website configurator, but we should keep in
mind that in South Africa, the Caliber is a foreign car which typically
demands a higher price than the same car does in the domestic market. 
In any case, it is a shame that the Mopar Edition Caliber won’t get a
chance in the US market that is less accepting of sporty 5- doors as it
is a great looking package that would fit in nicely as an entry-level
Mopar vehicle under the higher priced and higher powered Charger Mopar

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