Chrysler Worker Admits to Working Drunk

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Dodge can’t seem to catch a break. Another Chrysler factory employee admitted to being drunk at work after being arrested for drunk driving. After the first three extremely public busts, you think they would’ve gotten the idea by now. For employees of Ma Mopar, is it really always five o’clock somewhere? 

The man was pulled over in Wisconsin under suspicion of drunk driving. Police say they recieved several calls about his 1995 Lumina being all over the road. He was drunk when they caught him and he confessed to drinking all day at Chrysler’s plant in Belvidere, Illinois. If that name sounds familiar, its because that plant is where Dodge is producing it’s massively important Dart.
Chrysler fired 13 employees after the first incident, and they’re not likely to go easy on this guy. Still, the sheer number of incidents is surprising. The only reason the initial group of drunk workers were caught, was because their co-workers pestered news stations to cover it.

As much as I love Dodge and their cars, this is unsettling. This also won’t don’t anything to fix their (rightfully earned) reputation on quality considering they were also placed at the bottom of JD Power and Associates most recent reliability study. I don’t know if this is an endemic problem at Chysler’s plants but I hope they get it sorted out before it shows up in their vehicles.

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