Cool Thread of the Day: 2g Dakota Before and After Thread

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2g dakota before and after 600

We have looked at other before and after threads in the past and this week, we look at a before and after thread from our 2nd generation Dodge Dakota section.  This thread invites members with a 2g Dakota to post pictures of their trucks when they first got them (presumably stock or near stock) and as the trucks sit today – or any step in the modification process.  Some members offer up step by step images that show their Dakota in various stages while others show the truck at the beginning and end of the project process.  Finally, there are a few members who didn’t get “before” pictures so they only post the “after” shots but since we know that a 2g Dakota looks like in stock form – those members posting only pictures of their trucks modified still get the point across.

As is the case with many of the other “before and after” or pictorial introduction threads here on DodgeForum, this thread offers a look at some of our members other vehicles but there is no problem with a member wanting to show off all of their vehicles – and not just their Dodge or Ram cars and trucks.

Click here to check out the before and after thread from the 2g Dakota section!

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