Truckin Fast Wednesday: 2g Dodge Dakota Blazes Down the 8th mile in 7.29 seconds

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tfw 2g dakota low 7 8th mile 600

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday feature takes a look at an awesome regular cab 2nd generation Dodge Dakota pickup in action on an eighth mile drag strip – with a resulting time of 7.29 miles per hour.  A simple conversion shows that this Dakota would be capable of running in the 11.30 range in the quarter mile provided that the mechanic setup (rearend gearing, transmission, etc) would allow a run down the longer track.

We don’t know anything about the 2nd gen Dodge Dakota shown in the video below but we can tell by the throaty roar of this truck as it prepares to race, the skinny tires up front, the big fat tires out back, the significant suspension work visible under the truck during the burnout and the roll cage extending out the back of the cab that this is most certainly not a stock Dakota…or anywhere near stock.  This truck could have come with a 360 Magnum V8 that, when built, would be more than capable of pushing this midsized pickup down the 8th mile track in the low 7 second range but without further details – we are forced to speculate.

However, no speculation is needed to know that this 2g Dakota is one Truckin Fast Dodge pickup.  Enjoy!


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