Cool Thread of the Day: FrenicX’s 3rd generation Dodge Dakota Hemi Swap

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3rd gen hemi dakota 600

In the world of automotive modifying, there are a great many people who talk about their future plans but there are even fewer who actually follow through – today’s Cool Thread feature looks at one of our members who followed through on his plans to swap a 5.7L Hemi into his 2005 Dodge Dakota.  This thread is 17 pages long, beginning in February 2012 and extending all of the way up to the present date with owner and DF member FrenicX providing regular updates with the trials and tribulations of acquiring the 5.7L Hemi and then making it fit and work under the hood of his 05 Dakota.

Those looking to cut to the chase can jump to page 13 of this thread, where the 5.7L Hemi is shown being installed followed by idling videos, a track clip and a video of the Hemi powered 3g Dakota on the dyno.  Those who have some time to spare will enjoy flipping through this lengthy thread and watching this Hemi powered Dakota come to life over the course of roughly 17 months.

Click here to head into FrenicX’s 2005 Dodge Dakota “Hemi Swap 1 year plan” thread!

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