Tech Thread Spotlight: 4th gen Hemi Ram catback exhaust DIY

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4th gen magnaflow exhaust 600

Adding an aftermarket exhaust system to your Ram is one of the best ways to help your engine make some extra power while also adding some attitude via the increased decibel levels and while some people would rather pay a shop to do the work – installing a catback exhaust system is simple enough that it can be done in your garage or driveway.  While working as a mechanic, I lost track of how many people brought in almost new vehicles with a new exhaust system boxed up in the bed or trunk and they paid hundreds of dollars for the labor cost of installing the system even when removing the old system and installing the new setup can usually be done with some simple tools.

Fortunately, our 4th generation Ram section has a great DIY detailing how to install a dual output catback exhaust system.  While this particular DIY shows and explains how to install this system on a regular cab, short bed Hemi Ram, this DIY provides a good look at just how easy it is to install a catback exhaust system on any 4th generation Ram and having worked on 2nd and 3rd generation Ram trucks in the past, it is just as easy to do the work yourself on almost any Ram truck.  This DIY includes some pictures of the exhaust system along with a before and after video that makes the sound difference between the two systems very clear.

Click here to check out the 4th generation Ram catback exhaust DIY!

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