Cool Thread of the Day: What grille guard to buy for your 3rd gen Ram

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A grille guard on your Ram can serve a great many purposes from enabling you to shove stationary object out of the way without hurting the truck to simply providing a place to line up a bunch of aftermarket fog or driving lights but with so many on the market, which is the best?  The answer to that question is totally subjective so there really isnt a right answer but our 3rd gen Ram section has an FAQ thread asking our members who have brush guards to post their brand and any thoughts that they have on the project.

From the big name brands to low priced “el cheapo” ebay units to one member who made his own great looking setup (shown above), our 3g Ram owning members offer those looking to buy a grille guard/brush guard a great chance to look at some of the more popular options on the market today.  This thread also offers members a chance to recognize who has already purchased a certain brand and ask those members whether or not they would recommend that particular brand….or that particular ebay seller.

Click here to head into our 3d Ram grille guard thread to check out the pictures!

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