Cool Thread of the Day: How to Improve the Longevity and Power of Your Durango

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1st gen durango 600

Do you have a 1998-2003 Dodge Durango and you are looking to prolong the life of the vehicle while also improving the fuel economy capabilities and power output?  If so, you are in luck as our first generation Durango subsection has a lengthy thread with information from our members who own these models detailing how to extend the life of your vehicle through maintenance and modifications that can also add power and MPGs.

Now unlike our average thread that talks about how to get better fuel economy or mileage (or both) by explaining how to change to better oil or flush your transmission fluid, this Durango thread looks at all of the things that can be done to these popular sport utility vehicles run better and do so for a longer time.  Members chime in on what they have done to their Durango while they have owned it so unlike dealership or manufacturer recommendations that will improve things in theory – this thread is packed full of advice from the people who actually performed the various tasks to keep their Durango running great for years to come.

Click here to head into the first generation Dodge Durango section to check out the longevity thread.

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