Tire Shredding Tuesdays: Stock Dodge Shadow Smokes’em Hard

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shadow rolling burnout 600

There are a great many Dodge cars in the past that never got the respect that they deserved and the Dodge Shadow – similar to the one in the video below – is one of those models.

We all had a car at some point in our lives that you might be a little embarrassed telling folks that you just downright loved. The car you look back and wish you still had. The car that shouldn’t have been as cool as it was. That car you could drive through a wall and it would still inexplicably be in one piece on the other side. We can only assume that this stock Dodge Shadow in action here would be that car for this owner.

This Shadow is still a fine looking car at this advanced age with bright red paint and surprisingly clear headlights.  This is clearly a shadow that someone loves and not only does it still look great – it does front wheel burnout like only an awesome old Dodge Shadow could.  Thanks to the powerful 3.0L V6 and a 5-speed manual transmission, this Shadow squeals and smokes the tires with a little bit of “P Body” flair.

Perhaps he could have chosen a less busy road on which to show off the capabilities of his Dodge Shadow but none the less, this video leaves us with the thought…stay awesome, P Body friends.


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