Cool Thread of the Day: What did you do to your Ram today?

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2g ram lowered

Today’s Cool Thread feature takes a look at one of the longest and oldest threads on – our 2nd generation Ram section thread entitled “What Did You Do To Your 2ND GEN RAM Today?”  This thread is as simple as it sounds, with Ram owning members posting whatever they did to their 2nd generation Dodge pickup on any given day and since being started on August 5th 2007, this thread has covered 653 pages with 13,055 posts and a stunning 586,861 views.

This surely isnt the kind of thread that most Ram owners are going to sit down and read (unless they have a few weeks to kill) but if you own a 2nd gen Ram and want to share with the rest of the 2g Ram section what work you did to your baby today – whether it be something as simple as changing the oil or something as intricate as swapping in a high performance engine – this is the thread to brag about your conquests in the automotive world.

Click here to check out the 2g Ram thread detailing what members have been doing to their trucks for the past 6 years.

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