Cool Thread of the Day: Trey Byrum’s 6.1L Hemi Prowler

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hemi prowler 600

While today’s featured Cool Thread doesn’t include a Dodge vehicle, it does include the 6.1L Hemi from the SRT Charger and Challenger, the Shaker style hood scoop from a Dodge Challenger and a Plymouth Prowler – one of the coolest factory hot rods of all time. The Prowler came with a spunky V6 engine that made this lightweight car surprisingly quick, but Prowler owner Trey Byrum wanted more out of his Plymouth roadster. To achieve that goal, he pulled the factory 3.5L V6 to make room for the 6.1L Hemi from a modern SRT8 car.

As you might imagine, making the 6.1L Hemi fit and function under the hood of the Plymouth Prowler was far more than just a normal engine swap as the shop had to figure out a way to make the Hemi work with the rear transaxle of the Prowler. Click here to head into the forum to check out pictures from before, during and after the thread along with a walk around video of the original HemiProwler.

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