Cool Thread of the Day: 3rd Gen Dakota Picture Thread

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3g dakota pic thread 4

The Dodge Dakota has long seen the end of production but 3rd generation Dakota owners group is still among our largest and most passionate individual groups on the site.  That is clearly displayed in the 3rd generation Dakota picture thread that offers us a look at every sort of 3rd gen Dakota pickup – from factory stock V6 models to fully built and blown V8 trucks and everything in between.

In addition to hundreds of pictures of 3rd gen Dakotas from our members, this thread has 32 pages of discussion focused on the images on display so if you want to check out every corner of the Dakota universe in pictures – this is the thread for you.  Click here for a closer look!

One other interesting thing that we learn in the 3rd generation Dodge Dakota section picture thread is that 3g Dako owners love star filters.  As you can see in the few images below, a little extra bling has been added to the chrome of these trucks – both of which are owned by DF administrators!



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