Muddy Mondays: Dodge D50 Gettin’ it Done in the Snow

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d50 offroading 600

While there is a good chance that many members of DodgeForum may not know what a D50 is – this mini Mopar pickup is (in my opinion) one of those rare historic Dodge products that deserves more attention.

We have watched heavily modified versions of the Ram D50 play in the mud in the past but is the first clip showing a stock-ish Ram D50 in action.  In fact, based on the sound of the truck in action here, I would guess that it was still packing the original 2.6L four cylinder mill with a whopping 105 horsepower.  Luckily, these trucks weighed next to nothing and with the help of some beefy tires, this four wheel drive mini truck is able to do a pretty nice job of tearing up someone’s pasture.

This video is a fine example of an early 80s Dodge Ram D50 in action but thanks to the folks responsible for making the video, there is also a fair amount of good ol boy comic relief.  The simple fact that the people involved with this video were named Daddy Nub, Mrs. Jesstify, Putt Putt, Lou Lou and Ribbit – you know it’s going to be good.  Enjoy!


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