Cool Thread of the Day: Production Numbers by Color of the Ram SRT10

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ram srt10 600

Have you ever been sitting around talking to your buddies – or perhaps arguing on the internet with someone you don’t actually know – about how many examples of the high performance Ram SRT-10 were built?  Perhaps the debate included what colors were available and how many of each were built between 2004 and 2006.  If so, you are in luck as our resident Viper-powered-vehicle owner CarGuyOhio put together this post detailing the production numbers for the 500 horsepower supertruck.

The 2nd year of availability of the Dodge Ram SRT-10 saw the highest production figures with 4,027 units sold thanks to lots of help from the SRT-10 Quad Cab while some variation of red was the most popular exterior color option during the three year production run.

For a closer look at the production figures, available colors and the regular cab/quad cab breakdown for the mighty Dodge Ram SRT-10, click here!

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