Truckin Fast Wednesdays: Cummins Ram Pummels Mustang on Pinks

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tf cummins kills fox body 600

While today’s Truckin Fast feature video could have just as easily been included as the Black Fridays feature due to the massive amount of diesel soot pouring from the stacks – watching a 2nd gen Ram powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel absolutely destroy a nitrous injected Fox Body Mustang was just too good for me to pass up.

This race between a bottle fed Fox Body Mustang and a 2nd generation Cummins Turbo Diesel Ram 2500 was captured during a filming of Pinks: All Out at Summit Raceway Park in Norwalk Ohio.  Luckily, since this was a race that occurred on Pinks, I was able to find two videos of the same run with one captured from the grandstands on the Mustangs side of the track and the other from the Ram’s side.  The video from the Mustang’s side is a bit blurry at the end so we cannot see what the Ram runs but the second video clearly shows that this diesel burning pickup ran an awesome 9.18 at 147.46 miles per hour.  We don’t see what the Mustang runs but we know that it was much, much slower than this heavy duty Ram pickup!


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