Cool Thread of the Day: Ram Owner Member Map

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When we are sitting online, talking about our passion for all things Dodge, we seldom think about how the Dodge and Ram owners on this site are spread around the world.  Fortunately, 3rd generation Ram moderator weedahoe add an interactive map on the website ZeeMaps where members can put a marker where they reside.  This thread also allows DF members to find others in their area as the map zooms in very close.  In fact, the ZeeMap system would allow you to essentially mark exactly where you live if you opted to do that.

While the map shows that the vast majority of our members live in the United States, DodgeForum members in Greenland, Norway, Kazakhstan, France, Germany and many other countries have placed their home marker.  While you would expect to see some members in countries outside of the US, it is really incredible just how many members are located throughout Europe.  What is even more impressive is the fact that with just 866 members entering their location, DodgeForum has a huge reach around the world.

If you get a chance, stop into the DodgeForum member map thread and place your marker!

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