Mopar Muscle Thursday: Viper Powered 1959 Plymouth Belvedere is Vintage Awesomeness

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59 viper belvedere 600

When we think about the history of Mopar muscle cars, a big, brawny 2-door sedan like the 1959 Plymouth Belvedere is probably not a vehicle that comes to mind.  However, the off white ’59 Belvedere shown in the video below packs major muscles borrowed from the mighty Dodge Viper.

The video doesn’t say which generation Viper V10 engine is tucked under the hood of this huge 2-door sedan but there is little question that this Plymouth Belvedere is one of the coolest sleepers ever.  This clip shows the first drag race for the Viper powered Plymouth and making this video even sweeter is the fact that this Belvedere is racing against a Mustang GT.

The Mustang gets away from the line better and has the early lead but as the Viper powered antique Plymouth climbs through the gears, the big power of the V10 engine allows the Belvedere to beat the Mustang to the finish line.  The timeslip at the end of the video shows that the Belvedere “only” ran 13.382 seconds but when you look at the fact that it went through the traps at almost 111 miles per hour – it is very clear that this car is capable of far better times with some work.  Figure that my Mirada runs low 12s with a good launch and slightly slower trap speeds so provided that the owner of this awesome hot rod can get off of the line quicker…12 second runs are well within his grasp.

This user has a couple other videos showing the car moving around and driving up and down the road but this clip shows the most action.  The image above came from one of the other videos.


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