A Hellcat Challenger is in the 8s!

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The Epling Garage Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has become the first Hellcat car to break into the 8-second quarter mile range.

The quickest Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in the world claimed that record back in May, when Jason Epling ran a 9.06 with the Epling Garage 007 Challenger. This past weekend, the father and son Epling Garage team went even quicker, laying down an incredible 8.91 at 156.14 miles per hour – setting a new Hellcat quarter mile world record while also becoming the first ever Hellcat car to run in the 8-second range.

What might be the most impressive aspect of the Epling Garage Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is that the majority of the engine components are stock. Engine performance has been enhanced with a smaller upper pulley, larger fuel injectors, a Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump and a huge nitrous setup – all of which are brought together with a Q16 race gas tune from the Hellcat-tuning mastermind Josh Schwartz from High Horse Performance.

Epling Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

To help send that power to the wheels, the Epling Garage Hellcat Challenger has a Liberty 6-speed manual transmission fitted with a pro stock style clutch, a one piece steel driveshaft, a 9” Driveshaft Shop rear differential with 35 spline axles, lightweight front brakes and lightweight wheels wrapped in Hoosier drag slicks out back and drag skinnies up front.

So, while the engine is relatively untouched, with just extra boost, extra fuel, nitrous and a good tune, few of the components south of the supercharger Hemi came in this Dodge Challenger from the factory. This allows Jason Epling to launch the Hellcat Challenger hard enough to rip the front wheels off of the ground with the help of the 2-step before slamming through the gears as the big Mopar muscle car storms down the track.

After setting the record for the world’s quickest Hellcat car back in May with a 9.06 at 154, the Eplings smashed their own record, becoming the first Hellcat car in the 8s while setting the new bar at 8.91 at 156 miles per hour and thanks to the YouTube account of Logan Epling, we get to watch the record run.

Best of all, in speaking with car owner Leon Epling, he believes that there is more left in it and he predicts 8.80s as the air gets cooler. In the meantime, his Hellcat Challenger is the quickest Hellcat car in the world and the only one running in the 8s.

Image: Leon Epling

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